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Gutters don’t have a wow factor. But unless there are long overhangs on your roof and your property is steeply graded, they’re essential for routing roof runoff away from your home. Installed properly, gutters keep basements and crawl spaces dry, preserve topsoil, protect siding from back splash stain and rot and shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage.
Seamless gutters are fast becoming popular among homeowners and home builders. A seamless rain gutter system is usually distinguished by its top section which is rounded on one side. This curved edge serves two important purposes. First, it allows the water to flow right into the gutter itself. Second, it prevents leaves, objects and other debris from getting into the gutter and clogging it. The slope actually lets these objects slide away from the gutter instead of inside it.
Seamless gutters are constructed out of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper. Typically, measuring, fitting and cutting them through the use of a seamless gutter machine are part of seamless gutter installation. This is usually, if not always, done on location.
Because seamless gutters are made of metal, they’re well-known for their resilience and strength. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of seamless gutters:
  1. Seamless gutters are extremely strong and resilient. They resist almost all forms of damage. In some cases, seamless gutters have been known to outlast even the building or home they protect.
  2. The curved edges of seamless gutters are designed to prevent leaves, dirt and debris from clogging them. They are also designed to make sure that rainwater flows directly into the gutter and the downspout.
  3. Because there aren’t any seams, the chance that leaks will occur is greatly reduced. Since they’re also durable, you won’t have to repair them as often as you would regular gutters.
  4. The cost of seamless gutters may be higher than regular PVC or aluminum gutters, but you get more value out of your money (i.e. fewer repairs, less maintenance, better water channeling, better appearance and easy set-up).
  5. Because they lack seams, seamless gutters look better compared to regular gutters.
  6. During the winter months, sharp icicles tend to form from gutter leaks and can be dangerous to people. Since seamless gutters virtually eliminate the appearance of leaks, you won’t have to worry about these dangerous icicles.
  7. Leaks from gutters can cause staining and possible damage to the exterior and structure of your house. If these happen, you’d have to spend money to fix them.
Therefore, if you’re looking to install gutters that can last through an entire lifetime, go with seamless gutters. They are built to last through decades. You will definitely get more value out of your money.
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